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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Flanagan Family and Napa

Enough about my McLaughlin’s for a while. How about those Flanagan’s?
I guess I’ve been putting off blogging about my Flanagan Family line because the information is not exactly new to me. I find that I am also a little overwhelmed with the amount of information that I have. Additionally, the Flanagan’s still live north of Dublin, Ireland, and I want to protect their privacy as living family members.

Now, when it comes to Napa, CA, I have recently discovered that there are no living Flanagan’s of my line down from my Patrick Flanagan in that location. The Flanagan’s were in Napa starting around 1870 and the last relative to live there moved away in 2009. I do know that there are many Flanagan’s living in Northern California that are descendant of either Patrick or his brother Nicholas. To my knowledge, none of the line lives in Napa. Why is that? I think that I can answer that.

Napa, CA, is quite an expensive city to live in and the majority of the economy does revolve around winemaking. It really is too far from San Francisco for a commute to a corporate job daily. Public transportation….....Let me start again…..What public transportation is there? Access to Napa is mainly by car. You can pick the ferry up in Vallejo but that is down the road a bit. The cost of living is high.

I recently looked up houses for sale in my grandparent’s old neighborhood of Napa which is near Napa High School. There really was not much for sale. Of course, there were a couple of foreclosures but nothing compared to what’s going on in other parts of our nation. I found a non-foreclosure that recently sold for $305,000 (2010). That sounds like a pretty good deal until you find out it is only 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 888 square feet, built in 1935, on a 7,000 square foot lot. It’s “Napa Size” at a “Napa Price”. I have to admit though that when the economy was good about 2-3 years ago, a home like this might fetch $400,000.

So while I don’t have any Flanagan’s in Napa, CA, any longer, I do have a handful of other very close relatives there. I would live in Napa if there was a job there and affordable housing. I can understand why people want to live there and why they can’t.

With this in mind, I plan to embark on blogging information about my Flanagan’s of Napa, CA. I also plan to share information with the local historical groups in Napa. I’ve found two. One of them definitely sounds interested in what I have to offer.

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