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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Patrick Flanagan - Part 6

When I read through letters from any of the correspondents from California to Ireland, I find that no matter who wrote the letters, everyone tried to be informative of family matters.  The main authors of letters from California were the three brothers - Michael Flanagan, Patrick Flanagan, and Nicholas Flanagan.  Also, Kate Flanagan (Pat's wife), Agnes Flanagan (Pat's and Kate's oldest), and Anna C. Flanagan (Nicholas' daughter) picked up the slack where the brothers left off.  In reviewing the letters as a whole regardless of author, I can piece together different timelines and information for individual family members.  Since I'm writing about Patrick, I will try and post some quotes from various letters about him and his family.

Micahel (Napa) to his brother John Flanagan in Ireland - excerpts from the letters:
 Napa City April 14 1877 -- ".......There is another gorsoon at Pat's house, no fear of the name dying out anyaway even if the ber some old "Batchs" in the family....."

 Napa City Nov 14th 1878 -- "....Pat and his family are all well- excepting that some of the children have the whooping cough - they are about over it now I believe, and are totally happy and contented.....Pat and his family are quite well and going on all right."

 Napa City California
Feb 20th 1884 --"........Agnes, the eldest, has been at school in a Convent some distance from here for about a year past. She can now play the piano and sing, is very well informed in history and geography, and generally well accomplished for one of her age. She spent the Christmas home and has returned to school...."

Pat Flanagan Riverdale to Michael Flanagan (Ireland).

Riverdale July 24th [1890]:
"Brot Mik
Reed your letter in due time and was highly entertained. I dont know if it is any good for me to say anything more than I am glad you found father in as good health as could be expected for one of his age I got two papers you sent Myself and family are well T. A. is gone to his buisnes again about as well as ever we had a visit from Mr Kruge (Charles Krug) about a week after you left he asked for you and when told you had gone to Europe ‘Vel Vel gont to Europe vel now vat you tink of that what you do now judge?" he asked Judge to trad wines with him two of his to one of judge we had visits from many people of more or less importance among others Judge MeKinstry of the supream Court a member of the Catholic Church told me so he appeared to be a democratic man though I believe a republican. The Fermi baby died soon after you went. Mrs Feerrmi wants to do the cooking so I suppose the Mongoluan has to get. Judge told me he wrote to you a week ago so I suppose he told you more than I can patch up a letter from Mrs B from New Zealand which I send it appears to be a dull place now

Cant think of any more

P Flanagan"

Agnes Flanagan to Uncle Mike.
Napa Nov 20th 1890:
"My dear Uncle:-
I dare say you think we were very thoughtless not to send all the Ave Marias as you requested. I had them all ready and sent them with Papa to be posted, but he lost one package on the road........."

Napa Jan 2lst 1891.
"........We had Eddie home for six weeks after they got through with the grapes at Larkmead (A.K.A. the Flanagan Ranch).  He and Fran are there now and have their crop all sown a week ago. Papa and Naishie are through plowing and sowing at home, and have been pruning and getting Lenoir cuttings from the Stanley ranch. We dont get much news from there now. Nashie tells us that “Meadcalf” is there, and Mr Whitty is kind of sick. I suppose you heard that the dairy men got the whole ranch to put a crop in, on very liberal terms from the Judge....."  I believe here that Eddie is Edward Flanagan, Fran is John "Jack" Francis Flanagan, and Nashie is Ignatius Flanagan.

In the quotes and excerpts above, I feel that I get to have a quick peek into some of Pat's and Kate's children during their younger years in Napa.

To be continued.....................

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