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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Duffy Maxwell McLaughlin Connection

As I dig through information that my grandparents saved about our family history, I continue to thumb past information about the Duffy's in Napa, CA.  While they are not my direct line, they are cousins and link back to Newport, New York.  The Malloy's of Napa, CA are direct descendants of the Duffy's.  I also know that Philip Duffy and my great-great grandfather, Thomas M. McLaughlin, knew each other.  In fact, they more than knew each other, they were close friends and brother-in-laws.

I know that my grandparents knew the Malloy's.  I think that my mom went to school with a Malloy.  It is amazing the information that was passed to us by them.  In my folder of McLaughlin/Maxwell information, I have a copy of Philip Duffy's death certificate, a biography page about Philip out of a history book, a few letters, Austin, Nevada church records of births and marriages, and a poor quality photocopy of Ellen McLaughlin and her sister, Catherine Duffy.  They are both Maxwell's.

In addition, I also have the address of the Duffy house on Big Ranch Road in Napa, CA.  It is apparently still occupied by the descendants of the Duffy's.  It was refurbished on an episode of  "This Old House".  I would really like to go and knock on their door sometime.  I suppose I shouldn't come unannounced.  I also suppose that I do want to complete more research so that I know the scoop on the Duffy's.  I think I have made their connection to Newport, New York and onto Montello, WI where the line interesects with McLaughlin's.  That can get confusing to explain and follow -- A McLaughlin married a Maxwell who's sister married a Duffy who's sibling(s) and/or cousin(s) married into the McLaughlin line.  I've seen the multiple marriages between some of my other lines originating in Newport, New York, and it would not surprise me here if these Duffy's are all related.

I kind of hope that a Duffy researcher finds me and can explain all of this.  I think a Malloy may have already figured it all out.  I continue to hold onto what I've got and work on my direct lines.  I do find the Duffy connection rather intriguing though.

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