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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mary Catherine, Louis, and Richard Flanagan

Patrick and Kate Flanagan both emigrated from Ireland to Australia and then to California. They were married in San Francisco and moved to Napa, California in 1870. They had eight children between the years of 1871 and 1885. They were Agnes, Edward, Ignatius, John Francis, Mary, Richard, Louis, and Leo. We know what happened with Agnes, Edward, Ignatius, and Leo. In as much as I know about the four of them, we know who they were. I have more to share in future posts about John Francis "Jack" Flanagan. For now, I have brief information about Mary, Richard and Louis.

Aunt Mary, as my mom refers to her, was a school teacher. She was born in Napa on June 23, 1879 and died in Napa on June 14, 1950. She never married nor had children. She lived the majority of her life out at the Flanagan Ranch and actually was the living child who inherited the divided land with the houses. My mom has a brief memory of her as she passed away when my mom was just a young child. I am going to have to ask my mom if Mary taught school in San Francisco. I find her living there with her brother, Richard, in 1910. I am guessing that is them. Mary does not show up living on the Ranch in the 1910 U.S. Census.

Louis Alphonsus Flanagan was born in Napa, California, on September 21, 1883 and died in Napa, California on December 21. 1956. He was known as Uncle Louie. There is some speculation that Louie was not "ok". He had some health problems and may have had some sort of catastrophic health event in his life, that while it did not take his life, he did not quite recover either. He spent his life living out on the Flanagan Ranch. He never married nor had children.  In the Flanagan Letters, Kate refers to him as a delicate boy.  She admitted that she thought he might pass away at different times. I do find him referenced in letters as having attended school but was behind a little.  I find him in four U.S. Census from 1900-1930 living at home in Napa. I find him in the California Death Index. I also found his WWI and WWII draft cards. On his WWII registration card he is indicated at age 58 in 1942. His height is indicated as 5 ft. 9 inches and 140 pounds. He has brown eyes and light brown hair. There is a note written in the "other obvious physical characteristics that will aid in identification....left ear." I wonder what was up with his left ear. Maybe this would start to explain his rumored "oddness" which may be related to some health or developmental issues.

When it comes to Richard Austin Flanagan, Sr. I don't really know much about him. As several people do, he is confused with his son, Richard Austin Flanagan, Jr. The two of them have been confused with my grandfather, Richard J. Flanagan, Richard Sr.'s nephew. All three Richard Flanagan's had lived in Napa at the same time.  It is no wonder things are little confused. I've got my grandfather straight. I wouldn't mind if some of Richard A. Flanagan, Sr.'s grandchildren would write some stories and information about their grandfather. I'd be happy to post some information about him giving credit to the author either publicly or anonymously.

Richard Austin Flanagan, Sr. was born on July 13, 1881 in Napa and died there on March 8, 1971. His grandchildren are certain to have known him pretty well. He married Mary Emma Towey on August 14, 1914. They had one child, Richard Austin Flanagan Jr., who was born on March 2, 1917, in Napa, and died on October 12, 2004, in Montana. Richard Jr. and his family were the last Flanagan's to live out on the Flanagan Ranch in Napa, CA.  My mom has indicated that Uncle Dick (Richard Sr.) was a very intelligent and a kind, reserved man. 

Long live the Flanagan Family of Napa!......even though the line continues outside of Napa, yet close by in many cases.  I will write about John Francis "Jack" soon.

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