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Friday, August 13, 2010

To My Dear Flanagans

To My Dear Flanagans, 

There are many of you in this world as it is a common Irish surname.  There are in fact many down the specific family line that I am related too.  The generation that leads forward in time from Patrick and Kate Flanagan of Napa, California, only has lines from John Francis "Frank" "Jack" Flanagan and Richard "Dick" Austin Flanagan Sr.  Those lines produced children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and some great-great grandchildren.

I personally have copies of documents relating to the Flanagan's including a deed for the property in Carneros and letters.  I have a few other bits and pieces too.  It would be fun to piece together what everyone has relating to this Flanagan Family from Napa.  I do wonder what Richard's line has along with everyone down Jack's line.

In the spirit of sharing our wonderful Flanagan History, I put this plea out here with encouragement and enthusiasm to let me know what treasures you might have, even if it is a few words or stories about our Flanagan's.  Thank you to all the Flanagan's who have shared and continue to do so.

Feel free to comment on my posts. 

Thank you.

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