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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shaffrey - Heraldry Information

When I look up Shaffrey online for the surname meaning and/or Hearldry information, I find some basics.  The spelling variations of this name and related surnames are Shaffrey, MacShaffrey, MacJeffery, MacGeoffery, Shaffery, MacGofrey, MacGoffery, Magofrey, Mageffery, etc.  I think you get the picture.

The name is first found in Donegal where the sept was seated.  The MacGeoffrey surname was listed as one of the major names in County Longford in the 1600s.  Information online indicates that the name is found mainly in County Donegal and Derry.  The origins of the name come from Mac Seafraidth.  Of course, I find Shaffrey's in County Meath.

I found a site online that indicates MacShaffrey is a Erainn Celtic Surname of Eire.  I also found that the MacShaffrey surname is a Sept name associated with the Clan name of Muinitir Anghaile in County Longford.  

The information that I've found about the Shaffrey name is rather esoteric and hard to digest.  I suppose that my best option for heraldry information about this surname is to buy it online.  A more professional write up about the name would have information of interest for the everyday individual like myself.  Maybe I'll make that purchase someday.

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