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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop - Mary Borchers - My Great Grandmother - Part 4

Where did the Vienop's live and own land in Napa?  In the early 1900s, John Henry, Sr., purchased a prune orchard on West Laurel Street.  According to the information from my aunt, this could have also been where they were living.  By the way, I believe the prune orchard consisted of French Prunes.  I suppose that you can dry these prunes but they do taste so sweet and yummy fresh off the tree.

Uncle Ernest and Cousin Ernest rented or purchased a place in the Coombsville area of Napa.  It had a cherry orchard.  On January 11, 1905, Cousin Ernest Julius Vienop purchased property on Highland Drive in Napa.  This property may still be owned by family today.  It was in 1995.  Uncle Ernest purchased property on Second and School Street in Napa.  He was a cigar maker.  A trade brought with him from Germany. 

From what I understand a few other Vienop family members connected to Uncle Ernest also moved to Napa.  Uncle Ernest eventually sold the house on Second and School Streets and purchased a home at 1115 Willow Avenue (in the Alta Heights area of Napa).  Just prior to World War I, Mary's brother, Henry Jr., purchased the family home on Laurel Street from his father, Henry Sr.  When the war broke out, Henry Jr., and his brother, Ernest, went off to war in France.  With Henry gone, his father, Henry Sr., had to take care of the prune orchard.  During this time, Mary's sister Minnie, took care of the house and all of the cooking.

Mary Vienop Borchers worked during this timeframe.  She did housework and maid service for the McClellan's.  They lived on Division Street in what is now a historical home in Napa.  Mary worked for the McClellan's from 1912 until 1919 when she got married.

When Henry Jr. returned from the war, he married Adella Bruns in 1920 and made the Laurel Street residence their home.  Minnie and Henry Sr. moved to Ernest's (Mary's brother) home on Laurel Street.  Also, somewhere during this time, Mary's brother, Ernest, bought 10 acres of apples and prunes just west of Henry's property on Laurel Street.

During the winters Henry Sr., Uncle Ernest, and Minnie would go to Southern California and spend the whole winter down there.

To be continued.....................

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