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Monday, October 11, 2010

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop - Mary Borchers - My Great Grandmother - Part 5

On September 3, 1918, Mary Vienop of Napa, California started dating Herbert Borchers of Santa Rosa, California.  They really did not see each other very much because of the distance between the two cities.  Transportation was limited to an electric train.  Once a month, Herbert would come over to attend the Young People's Society at the church on Second Street in Napa.  This is when Mary and Herbert would see each other.  Most of their courting was done via letters.

On December 1, 1918, Herbert came to Napa to ask Mary to marry him.  He received Henry Sr.'s consent and gave Mary a diamond ring.  Mary and Herbert Borchers were married on June 28, 1919, at the little Lutheran Church on Second Street in Napa, California.  Right after they married, Mary and Herbert lived at Herbert's parents home at 1194 Dutton Avenue, Santa Rosa, California, since his job was there. 

Herbert did get a job in Napa at Prouty Jeweler's on First Street.  For a short time, Herbert and Mary lived at her brother's, Ernest, house on Laurel Street.  At the time, Minnie, Henry Sr., and Uncle Ernest were wintering down in Southern California.  Dorothy Borchers, their oldest daughter, was born in this house on January 7, 1921. 

When the family members returned from Southern California, Mary, Herbert, and Dorothy moved to 1115 Willow Avenue.  This was Uncle Ernest's house.  By 1923, when Uncle Ernest died, he had apparently been living with his brother, Henry Sr., on Laurel Street.  Also, Henry Sr. may have actually purchased 1115 Willow Avenue from his brother before then.

While living at 1115 Willow Avenue, Mary and Herbert took on a boarder.  Louis Reidenbach was someone that Mary's brothers Henry Jr. and Enrest had apparently met during WWI and knew through the Young People's Society at their church.  Louie was trying to date Mary's sister, Minnie at the time, but she did not want anything to do with him.  Minnie told her sister, Mary, that "If you board Louie, I'll never come to see you again."  Mary and Herbert boarded him anyway.

To be continued................

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