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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maxwell Info and Fairfield, New York - Part 2

As I continued reading about the Maxwell's, I find the rest of the family tree. The tree starts with James Maxwell who was born in Scotland circa 1786. His son was Joseph Patrick Maxwell who married Judith Shaffrey in 1834, in Ireland. Joseph and Judith are indicated as having had 9 children (I have 8 plus 2 from Joseph's second wife.) in this book. Some of them settled in Fairfield but it would appear that this part of the book maybe referencing some Maxwell's who lived in Middleville.

The information about the family tree goes on to indicate that Joseph's and Judith's son Dennis (b. 1836) and his first wife, Mary Ward, came from Ireland to Newport. Dennis was the father of James (1868-1948) who was the father of Dennis (1906-1944), who was the father of James Maxwell of Fairfield.

I have updated my family tree on  Unfortunately, I don't have dates of birth for many of the individuals.  I do have another document to review from a Maxwell/McLaughiln researcher about the Maxwell's though.  It may contain the answers that I seek.

The same page in this book talks about two more of Joseph Patrick Maxwell's and Judith Shaffrey's children, James and Julia (Judith).  The only issue that I have with the information is that James was born in County Meath, Ireland in 1841 and not in Newport, New York in 1841 as the book indicates.  His daughter Anna Maxwell went on to marry Jeremiah Murphy of Middleville and Fairfield, New York.  Julia went onto marry Patrick McEvoy of Newport, New York.

My next question now about the Maxwell's is generated by the part of this book that talks about the Maxwell's and the Murphy who married Anna Maxwell.  Was his name really Jeremiah or actually James?  I'm a little confused.  I may have the answer and will need to review my information.

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