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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


O'Napa the secrets and stories you hold.  Those Irish and German families O mine were there and now almost gone.  Wine is your crop but my prize is my family line.   From Alta Heights to Carneros, from Spencer Street to the Salvador Area, you hold history of a simpler time.

Those Vienop's farmed fruit orchards and knew cigars.  Those McLaughlin's knew dairy and sold milk.  The Flanagan's were the ultimate farmers with dairy, vegetable crops, and grapes.  Vino of Carneros did not have quite the same meaning as today but the reputation was growing at the time.

The Flanagan's, McLaughlin's, and Maxwell's brought with them their Irish Catholic heritage as farmers in the Napa Valley.   My Vienop's and Borchers' brought with them their farming skills and Lutheran religion.

Times have changed some but family ties still carry my heart to Napa.

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