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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pioneer Catholics - Newport, New York - St. Patrick's

The above pages are from the book "History of the Roman Catholic Churches of the Kuyahoora Valley".   

Several of my ancestors were pioneering Catholics in this area - Newport, New York's Irish Settlement.   They brought their Irish heritage with them and their Roman Catholic religion.   The book mentions several people on my family tree including my G4 Grandfather - Michael McLaughlin, my G4 Grandfather - James Gartlan/Gartland, my G4 Uncle - Thomas Fox, G3 Uncle - Thomas McLaughlin, and G4 Uncle - Patrick McLaughlin.  Others listed include Michael Mahardy who was the husband of Bridget McLaughlin.  I recognize other surnames indicated on this page as common place in historical information that I've read about the area in and around Newport, New York.

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