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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Posting Source Documents

In my quest for my genealogy, I have placed information in several locations.

2.  My computer hard drive.
3.  My "box" of treasures.
4.  My blog and website.

I have been trying to figure out how to consolidate all of my information into a true searchable repository.  While it will be no "" or "Google", it can serve as more of any online diary with an index (How about that! LOL).  I am not sure how much interest the respository will generate but it does give relatives and those connected to our family tree a place to come view our family history. 

The other goal of the information is to network and give other researchers the opportunity to take on a search for a family line or two.  I will soon exhaust my information for several of my family lines.  When that happens, the only research options that I will have are in the field, possibly.  To date, I have been able to complete 99.9% of my research from my home via the internet and email.  Technology is certainly amazing.

My field work will likely need to include Napa, CA and Ireland.  Napa is much closer and not at all out of reach just sometimes it's "out of time".  That is to say, I run out of time to get to Napa and complete the research that I've wanted to do since April of this year.  

So I embark on the chore of placing source and/or first hand account documents on my blog.  I will, of course, comment on the documents along the way.  I am not sure that they will be in the best of chronological order or any family order at that.  I will be starting with the information that I have already scanned into my computer.  The nice thing about posting items as I go, even out of order, is that there is always the index page to keep things orderly!  The posts of source documents will probably be sporadic, also.

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