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Friday, July 30, 2010's Shoebox

One of my favorite movies of all time is "The Princess Bride".  It has action, humor, romance and a little bit of mystery.  It is rather cheeky but still fun.  It also has a "pit of despair".  While Wesley and Buttercup run into the fire swamp to hide, they find rodents of unusual size, quick sand, and fire.  They successfully navigate the fire swamp but not without getting their feathers ruffled a bit or rather charred.  Once they exit the fire swamp, they are captured and Wesley is then taken to the "pit of dispair" for some torture and later escape. 

So why do I bring this up?  I relate the Shoebox to the "pit of despair".  Not only does it present itself as great place to save or hide those documents that you think might match your family tree down the line, it gives one hope that you won't have to recreate the wheel of research to find them again.  I've been adding items to the Shoebox for months and now am up to 119.  I have not yet found rodents, quick sand, fire, or torture devices, but I have yet to navigate through and sort out my shoebox.  I started calling it a pit and then the name just rang so true from the movie.

I guess I need some motivation to go through and see if I have any treasures or just taunts.  Maybe some of those possible matching documents will escape.  As Nike used to say (and I just can't help this with a name like 'Shoebox'), JUST DO IT!.............ok maybe when i find time...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Napa History

When I research the history of Napa, Napa County, Napa Valley, or Los Carneros, I find a recurring theme. That theme, and I’m not sure how to make this sound polite, is bias. As you can imagine everyone has their own take on history and those who author (or fund) a project do have a say in what is written.

I have my own bias and facts for my personal Napa family history. There’s nothing wrong with that. As an amateur genealogist (but an expert underwriter in my past life), I work hard to “source” my information to establish the facts. History, however, is full of influence by the individual who puts pen to paper, or in this day and age on the web.

So Napa Valley had or has the Wappo Indians, Padre Jose Altamira, Nathan Coombs, Nicholas Higurerra (and really that Mexican Land Grant doled out by General Vallejo), Catholic priests, Tulocay Cemetery and lots of wine.  Let’s not forget my Flanagan’s or the Stanly’s. I’ve also got my Borchers’, Vienop’s, McLaughlin’s and Maxwell’s. As you can see, my Napa history is skewed by my own bias.

Another point that I’d like to make is that the historcal information in Napa is only as plentiful and complete and those who have provided it. When I visit the Napa Valley Biographical and Genealogical Society pages, there are huge holes in the information. Also, I’m not sure that they have the manpower (or womanpower) to review information that is sent their way.

I blog away with my diary about my research available in cyberspace for anyone who wants to read about my version of Napa history and beyond.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mystery Cousin - Owen McLaughlin

The following is a quote from the 34 page document entitled, "The Descendants of Thomas McLaughlin" by researcher George Capes. I am placing this on my blog in hopes of someone finding it at some point and shedding some light on how Owen fits in with my McLaughlin's. We are pretty sure that he is related!

"OWEN McLAUGHLIN, is very probably, at least a close cousin to the McLaughlin Clan found in Newport, NY. He was involved in the early life of the Newport McLaughlin Family as early as 11 Jul 1830, when he and Maria Murtaugh sponsored the baptism of Rose Ann McLaughlin, the second daughter of Patrick McLaughlin and Bridget Murtaugh of Newport, NY., as recorded at Old St. John’s Church, Utica, NY. He is found again, on 06 Feb 1840, as a marriage witness, along with Margaret Daly, at the marriage of Thomas McLaughlin and Ellen Daly, as recorded at Old St. John’s Church, Utica, NY. Apparently he settled in Newport by 1830 and remained there until about 1838 when he moved to the Village of Newark, Town of Arcadia, Wayne Co., NY. It is difficult to locate him by using the Federal and New York State Census returns of that era, because only the head of household was listed, and he was not married until 1841. He was born in Co. Longford, IRE., on 20 Oct 1814, very probably a son of John and Mary Mc-Laughlin, who joined him in the Town of Arcadia by the 1850 Fed. Census. He may have had at least six siblings, using known associations, according to the various 1850, 1855 and 1860 Census.

He married on 07 Oct 1841, in the Town of Arcadia, to MINERVA ST. JOHN. Owen McLaughlin died 22 Aug 1881 in the T. of Arcadia, and bur. 25 Aug in Willow Ave. Ceme., Newark, NY. His wife, Minerva, was born on 09 Aug 1823 in the Hamlet of Fairville, Town of Arcadia, Wayne Co., NY., a daughter of Josia St. John and Rebecca Starkweather. She d. 02 Jul 1902 in T. Arcadia, Wayne Co., and was bur. 05 Jul in Willow Ave. Ceme., Newark, NY. Owen McLaughlin left a Will, dated 30 May 1867, and presented to Surrogates Court, as recorded on 08 Sep 1881.

Owen McLaughlin’s obituary appeared in the ‘Newark Union’ on Saturday, 27 August 1881, as follows :
“ Another Old Resident Gone. - Owen McLaughlin, who will be remembered as a cabinet maker in this village many years ago, died after a protracted and very painful illness, on Monday last, August 22nd. 1881, at his residence, three miles east of this village. Mr. M. came to this country 46 years ago, and lived a few years in Newport, Herkimer County. He became a resi-dent of this town 43 years ago, was married 40 years ago in October, and has lived on his farm 27 years. His age was 67 years at the time of his death. The funeral services were conducted by A. P. Burgess, from the residence, on Thurs-day. His surviving relatives reside mostly in California. Mr. M. was a man of eminently upright character, an obliging neighbor, and a very devoted husband and father. He will be greatly missed in the vicinity where he had so long lived.”

Minerva McLaughlin’s obituary appeared in ‘The Arcadian Weekly Gazette’ of 09 Jul 1902 as follows :
“ OBITUARY. – Mrs. Minerva McLaughlin died July 2 at her home east of Newark, aged 78 years and 11 months. Death came as a welcome release from many months of suffering and almost complete helplessness, during which, in spite of loving and tender care, she slowly grew worse. Mrs. McLaughlin was born in this town, near Fairville, and her whole life was spent in and near Newark. For 48 years she lived on the farm where she died. In 1841 she was married to Owen McLaughlin, a farmer, formerly an undertaker and dealer in furniture. He died several years ago. Mrs. McLaughlin was a member of the Presbyterian church, and of Newark Grange. She was a good consistent christian woman, a kind neighbor, a devoted mother. In her health, she endeared herself to many friends by her cheerfulness, energy, and friendliness. She was always bright, industrious and hospitable, entertaining her friends delightfully. Her pleasant greetings will long be remembered by old and young who were so fortunate as to know Mrs. McLaughlin before she became an invalid. She is survived by two daughters, Minerva and Jennie, and two sons, Josiah of Albany, and George H., of Newark. With the family should be mentioned D. E. Snyder, who has for many years managed the farm and been most faithful to the family and their interests in every possible way. The funeral was held Saturday afternoon, Rev. J. C. Ball, officiating, assisted by Rev. J. H. Robinson, a nephew. Interment was in Willow Avenue Ceme. with M. C. Welcher, J. E. Feller, O. E. Bishop and Michael Eckert acting as bearers.”

The 1850 Federal Census for the Town of Arcadia, Wayne County, New York, has the following entries :
pg. 250 / 251, dwelling # 1883, family # 1987, dated 25 Nov 1850 –

John McLAUGHLIN 71 marr. Farmer b. – IRE.

Mary “ 60 marr. - b. – IRE.

Patrick “ 18 single Boatman b. – IRE.

Morris “ 16 single Farmer b. – IRE.

Ann “ 12 single - b. – IRE.

pg. 292, dwelling # 2529, family # 2683, dated 18 Dec 1850 –

Owen McLAUGHLIN 36 marr. Cabinet maker b. – IRE.

Minerva “ 27 marr. - b. – N.Y.

John C. “ 6 single - b. – N.Y.

pg. 294, dwelling # 2570, family # 2777, (James Crosby Res.) dated 19 Dec 1850

Julia McLAUGHLIN 25 single (prob. servant) b. – IRE.

The 1855 New York State Census for the Village of Newark, Town of Arcadia, Wayne Co. NY has these entries:

Surname Name relation age yrs./town birthplace occupation

Pg. 40. BASSETT, Almon S. head 26 Y. 26 Y. Allegheny Cabinet maker

“ Marcella wife 31 Y. 10 Y. Ireland -

“ Charles J. child 2 Y. 2 Y. Wayne

“ George A. “ 1 Y. 1 Y. Wayne

McLAUGHLIN, Ann s-i-law 17 Y. 10 Y. Ireland -

pg. 64. McLAUGHLIN, Owen head 39 Y. 17 Y. Ireland Farmer

“ Minerva wife 31 Y. 31 Y. Wayne -

“ John child 11 Y. 11 Y. “

Pg. 65. McLAUGHLIN, John head 78 Y. 6 Y. Ireland Farmer

“ Mary wife 66 Y. 6 Y. Ireland -

It can be deduced from the above information that Marcella (McLaughlin) Bassett and her sister, Ann, both arrived in the Town of Arcadia about 1845. Their parents or grandparents, John and Mary McLaughlin arrived in the town about 1849 with Patrick and Morris. Julia McLaughlin is probably married by the time this 1855 census was taken.

The 1860 Federal Census for the Town of Arcadia, Wayne County, New York has the following entry :

pg. 87 / 971, dwelling # 1413

Owen McLAUGHLIN, 46 marr. Farmer $3,000./$600. b. – IRE.

Minerva “ 36 marr. - b. – N.Y.

Josiah “ 1 - - b. – N.Y.

John “ 83 marr. - b. – IRE.

Mary “ 72 marr. - b. – IRE.

John and Mary McLaughlin can only be accounted for by their presence in the 1850 Fed. Census, the 1855 NYS Cen-sus and also the 1860 Fed. Census. Their dates of death and burial locations are not known at this time.

The probable family of JOHN and MARY McLAUGHLIN is as follows :

i. OWEN McLAUGHLIN, b. 20 Oct 1814 in Co. Longford, IRE; d. 22 Aug 1881 in T. Arcadia, Wayne Co., NY; bur. 25 Aug in Willow Ave. Ceme., Newark, NY; m. 07 Oct 1841 in T. Arcadia to MINERVA ST. JOHN. ( this family will follow that of John & Mary McLaughlin)

ii. (poss.) MARCELLA McLAUGHLIN, b. c. 1823 in IRE; m. c. 1851 / 52 in T. Arcadia to ALMON S. BASSETT. She continued living in Newark until at least 1862. No Further Info.

iii. (poss.) JULIA McLAUGHLIN, b. c. 1825 in IRE. No Further Info.

iv. (poss.) WILLIAM McLAUGHLIN, b. c. 1828 in IRE; m. 18 Mar 1855 in Macedon, Wayne Co., NY., to MARY MELLEN. No Further Info.

v. PATRICK McLAUGHLIN, b. c. 1832 in IRE. (May be a grandchild.) No Further Info.

vi. MAURICE McLAUGHLIN, b. c. 1834 in IRE. (May be a grandchild.) No Further Info.

vii. ANN McLAUGHLIN, b. c. 1838 in IRE. (May be a grandchild.) No Further Info.

The known family of Owen and Minerva (St. John) McLaughlin is as follows :

i. JOHN C. McLAUGHLIN, b. 15 Jan 1844 in T. Arcadia, Wayne Co. NY.; d. 22 Aug 1860 in T. Arcadia, aged 17 years; bur. Willow Ave. Ceme., Newark, Wayne Co., NY.

ii. JOSIAH ST. JOHN McLAUGHLIN, b. 10 Oct 1858 in T. Arcadia, NY.; m. date unk. to ADDIE NAUMAN. They lived in Albany, NY., and later at Indianapolis, IN. Josiah seems to have died after 1920 and before Sep. of 1938. No Further Info.

iii. MINERVA McLAUGHLIN, b. 04 Jul 1860 in T. Arcadia, NY.; d. unmarried, 25 Sep 1938 in Vil. Newark, T. Arcadia; bur. 27 Sep in Willow Ave. Ceme., Newark, Wayne Co., NY. No Further Info.

Minerva’s obituary appeared in the Newark Union-Gazette on Wed. 28 Sep 1938 as follows :

“ Miss McLaughlin, Veteran Grange Member, Passes” – “Services for Miss Minerva McLaughlin, 78, native and active resident of Newark who died at her home here Saturday evening, Sept. 24, were held at 2:30 p.m. yesterday in Park Presbyterian Church. Miss McLaughlin was born in Arcadia on July 4, 1860, the daughter of Owen and Minerva St. John Mc-Laughlin, and had lived in this township her entire life. She taught for many years in district schools of the area, was for 53 years a member of Newark Grange, served 20 years as secretary of Wayne County Pomona Grange, was a charter member and past officer of Amitie chapter of Eastern Star, and a member of the Pres-byterian church. Prior to the church service, private rites were held in the Schulz Funeral Parlor. The church service was conducted by the Eastern Star. Burial was in Newark Cemetery. Surviving are a nephew, Owen C. Lincoln, Manhasset, L.I., and two cousins, Mrs. Gertrude Crennell, Rochester, and Miss Dora Robinson, New York City.”

iii. JANE / JENNIE ST. JOHN McLAUGHLIN, b. 03 Mar 1862 in T. Arcadia, NY.; d. 27 Mar 1911 in Newark, NY.; m. 08 Dec 1904 in Newark to ORION M. LINCOLN. He was b. 20 Apr 1855 in the T. of Arcadia, and d. 25 Aug 1927 in the Vil. of Newark. Jennie and Orion Lincoln had one son, Owen C. Lincoln, who was born c. 1906 in the Vil. of Newark. No Further Info.

v. GEORGE HENRY McLAUGHLIN, b. 20 Mar 1865 in T. Arcadia, NY.; d. unmarried, 01 May 1920 in Vil. of Newark, NY.; bur. 03 May in Willow Ave. Ceme., Newark, NY. No Futher Info.

George’s obituary appeared in the Newark Union-Gazette on Fri. 14 May 1920 as follows :
“OBITUARY” – “George H. McLaughlin. George H. McLaughlin, for many years a resident of this village, was found dead in the bathroom of his apartment in the Kelley Block on Saturday morning, May 1, 1920. Mr. McLaughlin was subject to attacks of asthma and was heard coughing severely at about 7 o’clock, and an hour or so later he was found dead on the floor of the bathroom. An investigation of his room and of the bath-room showed that he had a hemorrhage and had bled profusely in his room and had evidently gone to the bathroom to allow the blood to run in the bowl and had fallen there with exhaustion and died. Mr. McLaughlin was born in this town on 20 Mar 1865, and was, therefore, 55 years of age. He was the son of Owen and Minerva St. John McLaughlin, and was educated in the district schools, at the Newark A-cademy and at Geneseo Normal and was a member of the Methodist Church of Lyons. He is survived by a sister, Minerva McLaughlin of Newark; by a brother, J.S. McLaughlin, of Indianapolis, Ind; and by a nephew, Owen Lincoln. The funeral was held Monday afternoon, Rev. F. A. Boyd officiating. Burial was made in Willow Ave. Cemetery.” "

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Typos and Proofreading

Hello Out There! I just wanted to stop and make a quick comment about my Blog. I try hard to avoid typos and proofread things a few times over running spell and grammer check in Word. However, I miss things either because I go crossed eyed trying to re-read what I just wrote or because I type so fast or rather compose at the keyboard and type fast. Sometimes my fingers do keep up with my thoughts as fast as they come which in turn causes some mishaps. Feel free to let me know if I've got some "mess ups" out there. I majored in Business rather than English. I'm working on my writing though! Thanks.