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Sunday, January 2, 2011

County Longford, Ireland

When I look up Ringowny, County Longford, Ireland, I don't really find very much information.  I do know that it is near Edgeworthstown and, in fact, is in the Parish of Edgeworthstown.

Edgeworthstown is considered a successful centre located on a main roadway - N4.  The town is named for the family of Edgeworths who first settled here in 1583. The most well known members of this family were father and daughter Richard Lovell Edgeworth and Maria Edgeworth. Richard was a famous inventor while Maria was a novelist.  The family vault is in the churchyard of Saint John's.

Edgeworthstown, or Mostrim meaning: Meathas Troim, "frontier of the elder tree", is a town in County Longford, Ireland.  It is located at the eastern border of  County Longford near County Westmeath.  The railway station in town was opened in 1855.

The economy revolves around animal feed processing and pet food manufacturing.  The town has a football (soccer in the U.S.) and is big into Hurling.

I wonder if there is anyone out there who could share what Edgeworthstown or Ringowny is really like.  I invite anyone to offer up an article for this blog about this area of Ireland.   Give it some real feeling too, including the good, the bad, or the very interesting.  I'd also be interested in any McLaughlin's who live there too!

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