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Monday, January 3, 2011

Website, Blog and Business

I thought that I'd pause here with a post about the logistics of my genealogy information online.

My website,, is waiting for me to put photo albums online of my ancestors.  That will probably be a 2011 project.  Please send me your photos as I look forward to putting the collection online.  I have a few photos on my blog which amounts to most of what I have.

I am in the process of updating my blog index pages to be clickable hyperlinks to the archived posts.  It has taken me longer than expected to update these pages but I am still in the process of doing so.   The Maxwell/McLaughlin, Vienop/Brochers, Miscellaneous, and Source Documents pages are updated for posts up through December 25, 2010.  I will be working on my Flanagan page very soon with the Ancestry page waiting until the end.

I've been spending more time recently on updating source documents for various family units.  I think that I have successfully completed sourcing Thomas Michael McLaughlin and Ellen Maxwell McLaughlin's Family unit to include the two of them and their seven children. I've cleaned up each profile on  To the best of my knowledge, I have fixed the seven children's profiles too.  From the seven children and their spouses' forward in time to the present, I have some information.  I am looking for the death date of Joseph Maxwell McLaughlin.  He was born in Austin, Nevada in 1877 and probably died in Vacaville, CA.

I am currently working on getting good information updated for Jack (John Francis Flanagan) and Minnie (Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin) Flanagan's family tree to present day.  I have some good info to include source information for living relatives.  The living relative's information is kept private on's public view.  There is a private view of my tree for which a few relatives have been invited in to view as my guest. 

The other family line that I have been working on feverously to update the sourcing on is the Maxwell/Shaffrey family unit of Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Judith Shaffrey.  I know that there is still room for more sourcing there.  Will I ever finish?   I'm not sure.  I am struggling to locate source documents of the immigration and passenger list records for any of my ancestors who immigrated from Ireland to Newport, New York.  Apparently, most of them came from Ireland to Quebec and onto Herkimer County, New York.   Any help on this front would be great.  All seems to have are New York City passenger lists when it comes to immigration into New York.  New York City is a pretty far cry from Herkimer County. 

Canadian passenger list information on is rather dismal despite the indexes indicating they go back to the early 1820s.  I have not found a record prior to 1847.  I may have found the Maxwell's passenger list from 1853 but it still begs some additional review.  I will post that soon.

I do plan to scan.   I guess I need to bite the bullet and "Just Do It!"   I've got to clear a space in our home office though.  I don't want to misplace any important documents.  I'll have to have my scanfest soon!

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