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Saturday, April 9, 2011

1890 - A Tragic Flanagan Year - Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland - Part 2

April 7th 1890

Dear Michael
I am sorry to have to inform you that your brother Peter died on the 2nd of this month after one weeks illness and was buried on Friday last (Good Friday)  He leaves five young children three girls and two boys, the youngest a little boy called after me only born one week before he died.  Coming so soon after [Johnny's] and your Uncle Pats death it was a great blow to me..............

The above is an excerpt from the letter that John Flanagan sent to, his son, Michael Flanagan in California.  Back on the farm in Ireland the family had three men pass away, two of which were definitely running the farm properties in Termonfechin.  It must have been a bad year for the flu.  It amazes me how life threatening that illness was.  It can still present that today.

Michael did come back to Ireland to run the farm.  He did in fact take over the farm operation for all Flanagan farm holdings in Termonfechin.

The following is Peter Flanagan's headstone.  The inscription reads:  OF YOUR CHARITY PRAY FOR THE SOUL OF PETER FLANAGAN TUBBERTOBY.  Who died 3 April 1890 aged 45 years and his wife Bridget who died 20th August, 1941 aged 85 years and also their son Patrick died Feb 24 1958 His wife Mary Ann (Cissie) died Feb 10 1986 aged 92 yrs.

The following is John Flanagan's headstone.  The inscription reads:  OF YOU CHARITY PRAY FOR THE SOUL OF JOHN FLANAGAN BALLYFEDDOCK.  Who died 24 Feb 1890 aged 36 years.  His wife Margaret who died 14 Jan 1958 aged 92 years.  Their grandson James Patrick Murphy died 7 July 1995 aged 76 years.

It is pretty amazing how long some of the women lived.  Bridget Sheridan Flanagan was Peter's widow and Margaret Moore Flanagan was John's widow.  Someday, I must go back to this cemetery and visit with a much better understanding of who these people were. 

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