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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ellen Flanagan's Letter to Philip Duffy 1978

I continue to review the documents that I already have on hand.  I have research that was gathered by Ellen Maxwell Flanagan (my grandfather's sister), some Duffy's, and Thomas Malloy, Jr.  Who started the process of seeking our family tree on the Maxwell side of things, is still a bit of a question.  From what it sounds like Ellen and her sister, Kay, were very much into looking for their family tree at different times.  That story, even if anecdotal, would be interesting to know too.

Below, I have a letter that Ellen Maxwell Flanagan wrote to Philip Duffy.  Which Philip Duffy?  That is a good question.  I don't have a lot of the 1900s Napa Duffy's on my tree.  Maybe he was one of Owen Duffy's children.  That's a guess but a somewhat educated one.  My mom has indicated that she went to high school with a few Duffy's from Big Ranch Road and some Malloy's.   They all went to Napa High School from the sounds of it.  It amazes me that she never really fully understand her familial connection to them, until now.  They are all Maxwell descendants just like me.  Of course, we still have some blanks to fill in on the family tree.

Here's Ellen's letter:

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