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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hickey Coughlin Research - Part 1

Hello to my Hickey and Coughlin relatives who are researching our line.  You are out there!  I found a few of you.  I can understand any hesitation in creating a full blown interaction with me about this line.   That side of my father's family was not entirely the most connected to one another later in life.  Also, there could be some extra added family "baggage" that I don't fully know or understand.

As Johanna Coughlin Hickey aged in the late 1960s after Patrick Hickey, her husband, passed away, she appears to have gotten rather forgetful.  Of her eight children, all of them were in contact with her it sounds like up until her death.  William Hickey, one of her sons, had been killed in NYC around 1970.  He was a postal worker and was apparently killed while working in the Wall Street area of NYC.
So far, I know of one remaining living Hickey daughter of Patrick and Johanna.  I'm not sure that she checks her email or even fully knows who I am.  My uncle knows her and still keeps in touch with her.  I think that I finally have the names of all of my father's Hickey cousins.  My mother had indicated that my Dad knew all of them.  Before my Dad passed away in 2004, it had only briefly occurred to me to ask him about his own grandparents - Patrick and Johanna.  He knew them well and spent a lot of time around them when he was a child.  My father could mimic his grandfather's Irish brogue oh so well.
I wonder how well everyone on the Hickey side of my family got along.  They were all New Yorker's living anywhere from Yonkers to Long Island.  I think one may have ended up in New Jersey too along the Shore.  I could be off ever so slightly on the locations but I've been hoping for more and may have just stumbled upon some very probable Hickey and Coughlin information.

To Be Continued.......................

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