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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hickey Coughlin Research - Part 2

Hickey and Coughlin are names that I am very familiar with.  Minogue, McMahon, Browne, Hayes, Gooney, and McNamara are all names that I stumbled upon a few weeks back.  I found them on a blood relatives' family tree on  Yes, this relative is my father's first cousin for sure.  Those names are just that right now for me.  I need to digest them.  This is all new information. 

I guess I need to scratch the McManus name and replace it with McMahon.   Has that been a typo all of these years on my part?   Maybe it was a misunderstanding on the part of my grandparents and/or myself.  What if I misinterpreted that name to be associated with my Hickey's and Coughlin's when it is actually associated with my McGuire line?  Anything is possible at the moment.  I'm only back to my McGuire/McGrath generation on my McGuire side.  As for my Hickey/Coughlin family line, it would appear that my "waiting a while" might just have paid off.
Patrick Hickey was my great grandfather who immigrated from Ireland.  He was baptized in Whitegate, Clare, Ireland, in 1884.  That is what he provided to the Church of the Resurrection, Rye, New York at the time of his marriage to Johanna Coughlin.  His parents names are not indicated in the church record.  The New York marriage certificate cannot be located.  It would appear though that my father's cousin pursued the information from the Clare Heritage Center.  Patrick's parents are indicated as William Hickey and Bridget Minogue.  William's parents are indicated as Patrick Hickey and Ellenora Hayes.  Bridget's parents are indicated as Thady Minogue and Mary Browne.  Wow, what a discovery!  I don't have much more about them than that at the moment.  The locations, dates, and other source document information has not been included on

Johanna Coughlin was Patrick's wife who immigrated from Ireland.  She once told my aunt that she left Ireland because all of the men were leaving.  She must have been an interesting person.  I wonder what she was like.  Her parents were Daniel Coughlin and Ann Mary McMahon.  Daniel's parents were James Coughlin and Anne Gooney.  Ann Mary's parents were Patrick McMahon and Mary McNamara.  The only information that Johanna provided to the Church of the Resurrection at the time of her marriage to Patrick, was that she was baptized in 1889 in Clare.
So where do I go from here?  Well, my Dad's cousin has indicated that she would send me her information via "snail" mail.  Apparently, her health is not the best right now and she cannot really pursue anything else.  I wish her improved health for sure.  I wonder if she fully understands just how much she has done for me by posting what she did on  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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