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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sheridan's

As I read through the Flanagan Letters and review the photos that I took when I visited Ireland in 2004, I can't help but find the Sheridan's of Termonfechin, Louth.  In fact, it would appear that a couple of them were in Australia and New Zealand with Patrick and Michael Flanagan circa 1860 mining for gold. 

The letters seem to include two different generations of Sheridan's.  It is tough to filter them out sometimes.  I can easily pick out Bridget Sheridan Flanagan and Jane Sheridan Maguire.  The other Sheridan's appear to have repeating first names, especially for the men, and this was certainly not unusual.  If I read the letters correctly, there are at least two Dick (Richard) Sheridans mentioned.

I find Sheridan's with Maguire's in Chicago.  I believe that Nicholas Flanagan even stopped there for a time.  Nicholas was their cousin.  I can't tell what everyone's first name is.  They were cousin's to each other and the Flanagan's.  They all knew how to write.  Sheridan letters make up a few of the letters contained within the Flanagan Letter Collection.  The Flanagan's of Termonfechin definitely have a lot of documentation.  The Maguire's appear to not have much documentation.  I wonder if the Sheridan's do.  If you find a Flanagan from Termonfechin circa 1800-1950, they could have most certainly walked you over to meet some Sheridan's and Maguire's.   I love these connections. 

Locating the Maguire Family Tree is somewhat of a work in progress.  Apparently, it has not really been put together.  I found some Maguire's though.  Of course, I am a Maguire cousin associated with the Flanagan line of Termonfechin but I've now actually found them.  Actually, I am a Maguire and the Sheridan's are my cousins on both the Flanagan and Maguire lines.  I hope they too would like to blaze a trail, or rather, a tree....That is our Maguire Family Tree.  I am certainly game.  Maybe we'll find some Maguire's all that way back to Fermanagh!

Anyway, I can find Sheridan's, Flanagan's, and Maguire's in Termonfechin in the 1901 and 1911 Irish Census.  That information is located very readily on the Irish National Archives website.  I find it easy to search the census.  Of course, I know the specific census location in which to look.  Would please acquire these two census, please?  It would appear for now that I will be force placing these source documents myself on my tree rather than with the assistance of's technology.  I digress.

In addition to Bridget and Jane Sheridan, I have found John Sheridan's headstone.  I took a photo of it when I was in Ireland.  I had no idea that I'd be using it later for my own genealogy.  John Sheridan appears to be the brother of Bridget and Jane.  His headstone inscription is as follows:

In Loving Memory of John Sheridan Strand Rd Died 4 April 1939 Aged 78 His Wife Elizabeth Died 17 Nov 1957 Aged 92

Erected by her neice Mrs. Flanagan

If I remember correctly, I have met that Mrs. Flanagan.  I may need to get that story again but think I caught it correctly.  Was Elizabeth a Duffy?  Below is a photo of the headstone located at St. Fechin's Cemetery in Termonfechin.

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