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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Minogue - Are they Irish from Galway? - Part 3

According the information provided by the Clare Heritage Centre,  Thady Minogue and Mary Browne were married in the Mountshannon-Whitegate parish in 1853.  It is a bit of a leap of faith that this couple was Bridget Minogue's parents.  Is it that much of a leap though?  Is all of the research done? 

Having a copy of the actual R.C. church record for the marriage of William Hickey and Bridget Minogue is a good start to proving that Thady and Mary were Bridget's parents.  On February 20, 1882, William Hickey (age 27) married Bridget Minogue (age 21).  They were married in the RC Chapel of Cappuduffs in the district of Scariff, County Galway, Ireland.  Below is the record:

Plainly seen on this document is Bridget Minogue's father's name of Thady Minogue.  I must admit that there aren't a whole lot of Thaddeus Minogue's found in this area of Ireland.  In fact, I only found one on the Griffith Valuation.

I believe that I may not have to "leap" too much with these documents but my research appears to be far from over.

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