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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Genealogy Juggling Act - My Irish Heritage - Part 1

In my past life, multi-tasking was a must.  I lived it everyday from juggling email, reports, videoconferences, teleconferences, net-meetings, voicemail, the telephone, classroom training sessions and in-person visitors to my desk.  Oh, and there were those deadlines and regular work.  My ability to multi-task was streatched to the maximum and my former employer definitely got their money's worth out of me.

While I do have plenty of things to juggle in my life now, I find that all of that multi-tasking built a skill within me that allows me to juggle several aspects of my genealogy.  Even though regular life requirements, family and other commitments take we away from this research/project/hobby, I always find that I can jump back in on a whim.  I may not have every line and branch of my family tree memorized but I can get to the information quickly to "refresh" my memory.

Currently, I do consider my family tree lines a bit of a juggling act.  I have started research on so many lines that sometimes, I receive responses about several of them in the same week, or even, the same day.  I currently have some unanswered email about the Gartlan's/Gartland's.  I really need to look them over soon.  I will get there.

At this point in time, I do feel that I should list my genealogy juggling act right here because I do want to continue the "juggle" and love responses to my blog posts, message board posts, and others just finding me randomly in search of someone or a research source.

The following list is what I consider my primary research topics:

1.  Austin, Lander County, Nevada - McLaughlin and Maxwell:  I am very interested in the migration that apparently occurred from the 1860s until maybe the 1880s from the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York to this location.  Maybe not everyone was from the Irish Settlement but it would be interesting to know just how many from that community moved to Austin, Nevada.  Was it only Thomas, Francis, James, and Hugh McLaughlin; Ellen and Catherine Maxwell; or were there others who made the trek?  I am interested in their story.  Know that I have come across Duffy's and Malloy's from the Austin Area.   I have actually found living Malloy's.  Later, many of this group moved onto Napa, California.

2.  Thomas and Ellen (Maxwell) McLaughlin - Napa, California - I seek to find out more information about my great great grandparents once they were in Napa.  I have one photo of Ellen and her sister, Katie Duffy (Catherine Maxwell) at Walter Springs, CA.  Any photos or other historical information about Thomas, Ellen, Katie, and Katie's husband, Philip Duffy, would be wonderful.  Any stories are absolutely welcome too.  I lack information about what life was like for the McLaughlin's in Napa.

3.  Flanagan's of Napa, California and Termonfechin, Louth, Ireland:  I hold and have very specific information about my Flanagan Family Tree in these locations.  In fact, I have such specifics that I can probably tell someone if they are related to this line or not.  If can't tell, I know a couple of people who can.  My further detailed research does await me in Ireland at this point.  I cannot forget to mention the other surnames in Ireland that are really inseparable from this Flanagan line including the Maguire's, Sheridan's, Bellew's, and Kirwan's of the Termonfechin area, past and present.  And, yes, the correct spelling of Termonfechin is with an "h" but you'll find it today as Termonfeckin with the "k".  I would love photos of the Flanagan's of Napa, California if anyone has them.  I am specifically looking for Patrick and Kate along with their own eight children.  I know where they all buried by the way.

4.  O'Brien's of Castleconnell, Clare/Limerick Area, Ireland and in Austrailia:  Catherine Mary O'Brien (Kate Flanagan was her married name.) was born/baptized on 19 May 1843 in Castleconnell, Ireland.  When she was 11 years old, her family left Ireland for Melbourne, Australia.  I certainly think that the move was intended to be beneficial to the family.  For Edmund O'Brien and his wife, Anne Gleeson, I have some very basic information that life was tough when they left Ireland and then again in Australia.  I don't have very much information about Kate's early life except that I believe the family struggled.  That was the case for many, I suppose.  Kate, herself, was apparently quite the character and her own reputation precedes her even today in the Flanagan Family.  I believe her to have been quite a strong woman and one "tough cookie".  I do think that she loved her children and grandchildren absolutely unconditionally.  I also think that she had high expections of people in general.  I have more to discover about her.  Mostly, I'd like a good photo of her.

5.  McLaughlin, Maxwell, Gartlan, Fox - The Irish Settlement, Newport, Herkimer County, New York-  I am starting to deem this line of my research some of the oldest, successful, and most detailed of my family tree.   The search for my great great grandfather, Thomas McLaughlin, turned up several people who have already completed research on these lines.  The research lives on and continues.  There are so many people on my McLaughlin/Maxwell Family Tree.  It is rather amazing.  I continue to desire more information about the McLaughlin's in County Longford Ireland but we seem to have hit a deadend.   The Gartlan and Fox research may start to take off very soon.

6.  Shaffrey - Parish of Moynalty, County Meath, Ireland - This is not a very common Irish surname and I seek more information about my Shaffrey's.  If you have Shaffrey information, please contact me,

7.  James Maxwell - Scotland - So, I guess there is a little bit of Scottish in me after all.  I have been trying to find my James Maxwell, b. 1786 in Scotland, who's son was in Shancarnan, County Meath, Ireland, married a Shaffrey and immigrated to Herkimer County, New York.  Who was James Maxwell?

The above represents my grandfather's (Richard Joseph Flanagan) ancestry.  I would love to know more.  Isn't that every genealogist's wish?  I guess I will "wait awhile" and see what happens. :-)

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