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Monday, July 25, 2011

Genealogy Juggling Act - My Irish Heritage - Part 2

I continue with the list of my own Irish Genealogy projects.  My father's side of the family has always been a little secretive about things as one of my uncles would say.  It's not much of a secret when everyone seems to know the worst things.  I'd like to know more about the people overall.

So, how Irish am I on my father side?  Aside from the Romaine's, who appear to be German, the families are Irish.  My research has ebbed and flowed at time on the following lines and research...............

1.  McGuire - They are from County Fermanagh!  Yes, I think anyone could figure out that Hugh Maguire was the main leader from the 1300s and that people with the surname of Maguire or McGuire descend from him.  My granddad, Francis Robert McGuire, was pretty specific though that his own grandfather, Charles McGuire, was from Fermanagh.  By the way, his wife's name was Sarah McGrath.  I am still trying to pin down this family tree and have it all on hold for now.   New York City can be a hard place to do research.  And, yes, I've got Maguire's on my mom's side of the family in Ireland.

2.  Hickey's of NYC and Derrycon, County Clare, Ireland -  Researching this line can be confusing because the part of Ireland in County Clare where the Hickey's lived was likely part of County Galway prior to 1869.  I've also got Minogue's in this area.  The Clare Heritage Centre found the Hickey's and Minogue's to an extent.  I am wondering if there is more to find.

3.  Coughlin's with their McMahon's in Ballyvannan, Ireland - This is new research for me.  I even have information that I have yet to review.  My Coughlin and McMahon ancestors have been located living in the northeast corner of County Clare.  Bodyke RC Church records pinpoint their location.

Above is where my research has landed on my father's Irish side of the family.  I can't wait to discover more.

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