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Saturday, July 9, 2011

James Maxwell 1786 Scotland

James and Maxwell are not the most uncommon names.  If I look for my James Maxwell in Scotland, do I find him on a census circa 1780?  I'm not sure because I found about six James Maxwells indicated a number of months back.  I abandoned the search because of my lack of knowledge about the geography of Scotland plus if and when he might have left for Ireland.  I can find his son, Joseph Patrick Maxwell, in Ireland circa 1850 in the Shancarnan area of County Meath, in the Parish of Moynalty.  I certainly have more to find out about him but what about James Maxwell?

How do you find someone with such a common name and a likely common reason for leaving Scotland for Ireland?  Was he a transplant by the British?  Did he remain in Scotland but his son moved to Ireland?  How much do I really know?  Not much.

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Will I find the man and his ancestors?

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