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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Richard Joseph Flanagan - Part 9

I could probably write a novel about Dick Flanagan.  I've written down my own memories of him and there are plenty more.  I have oodles of photos of him.  I also have papers, yearbooks, and other information that I have yet to delve into.  I wonder what I might find.  I know so much already.  There are a few other tidbits that I do want to share here before I wrap this up.

One of his favorite sayings was "wait awhile".  He usually said this when someone, like myself, was being impatient.  I find myself using this phrase today.  Instead of flat out telling someone to "be patient".  Saying the words "wait awhile" in a calm soft spoken fashion seems to have a pleasant effective impact on youngsters.

When Dick returned from WWII, he and Dorothy had a daughter, who is a living Flanagan and my mother.  I can't specifically identify her and write about her for privacy reasons.  Let's just say that gardening and baseball are definitely hobbies that they shared in common.  By about 1960, Dick had season tickets (box seats) for the San Francisco Giants games.  They even went to the 1962 World Series, 7th Game, at Candlestick park and watched the Giants lose to the Yankees.  When Dick and his daughter went to leave after the game, they couldn't remember where they had parked the car.  Retelling that story always got a chuckle out of Dick. 

Dick also belonged to a deer club.  Yes, he'd go hunting for deer.  The club was near Lake Berryessa in Napa County.  I do not remember the name of the club.  In his older years, he would just go up to the deer club to hang out with the group.  He did not do much hunting once he was in his late 70s.

Richard J. Flanagan
Fishing was also a fun past time for Dick.  Once he retired, and even before that, he'd go fishing with his brother-in-law who was one of best friends.  That brother-in-law, my uncle, is still living.  For privacy reasons, I am not able to talk much about him here.

In Dick's younger years, he and my uncle would go duck hunting off Grizzly Island in the Suisun Area.  They also went duck hunting somewhere along the Napa River.  There was some sort of shed that they had and would use as accommodations.  They had plenty of duck decoys.  Dick's brother, John Maxwell Flanagan, had made plenty.  Dick used them for his own duck hunting as his father Jack had before him.  You could link a chain of the decoys together and float them in the water to attract other ducks.  I've even got a decoy that has its head turned looking back over its proverbial shoulder/wing.

Random Duck Hunting Photo - Richard J. Flanagan is second from the left.  Unknown others in the photo.

It seems odd for me to talk about hunting.  I am certainly not a hunter nor a firearm person.  Dick did use a Winchester shotgun for duck hunting.  The shotgun belonged to his own father, Jack Flanagan.  Because Jack's arms were so long, he had modified the recoil pad at the end of gun to extend further for comfort and reach.  Let's just say that shotgun is well used, over 100 years old, and you wouldn't want to fire it today if you ask me.

To be continued...............


  1. I'd say the guys sure had a lot of fun in the out-doors. They probably had a great fish fry with Dick's catch, it's a great photo of him and them.