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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ernest J. Vienop

You've got to love the State of California.  It can be so random what information you might find online that exists within the walls of the California State Library located in downtown Sacramento.  900 N Street is the current and temporary location of the California History Room.  The State is refurbishing the old library.  That project has taken on a history of its own.  We'll see how long the renovation and restoration takes while much of the catalog of books and documents lives in warehouses in West Sacramento.  Thank goodness the California History Room is not boxed up in a warehouse.  Have I had time to visit the "temporary" (which looks rather permanent to me) library.  Well, I have not.

I do love it when I find information online.  The book can be found under the following call number:

Calif. State Library History Room (RR)
CALL NUMBER: [Alcove] 979.452 G8 -- Book NC
CALL NUMBER: [q] -- 979.452 G8 -- Book

 CA Gen Web

After 100 years, I suppose Copyright is not really in effect so I am posting the following biography about Ernest J. Vienop.  He was and still is referred to as Cousin Ernest and not be confused with the other 2 Ernest Vienop's in Napa at the same time.  All three were related.  I've got to sit down to figure out the exact family tree connection and then write about it.


The immediate progenitors of Ernest J. Vienop, Fred H. and Charlotte (Shrick) Vienop, were born in Germany, and upon immigrating to this country they settled in St. Louis, Mo., where the father followed his trade of cigar manufacturer until his death. The mother is still living and a resident of St. Louis. Five children were originally comprised in the parental family, but of these only three are living, and Ernest J. is the eldest of the number. He was born in St. Louis, Mo., November 26, 1871, and his boyhood and youth were passed in the locality of his birth, the public schools of that city also furnishing him with a fair education. When he was about sixteen years old he apprenticed himself to learn the brick-layer’s trade under H. Hartman. a well-known brick contractor of that city. Four years of conscientious and constant work under this instructor found the young man full-fledged and ready to undertake work as a journeyman, and for about eighteen years, or until 1898, he found plenty of work in St. Louis and vicinity.

Mr. Vienop’s first venture from native haunts occurred in 1898 and took him to Fairbury, Jefferson county, Neb., in which vicinity he established himself on a farm and continued farming there for two years, or until coming to California. He reached the Golden State February 22, 1900, coming directly to Napa county, which has ever since been his home and the scene of his activities. Near Napa he purchased a small ranch of five acres on the Monticello road, where he engages in horticulture and the poultry business. His ranch activities may be regarded more properly as a recreation than as a business, however, for he is actively engaged in following his trade of brick contractor. Among the buildings that have been erected un­der his supervision are the Register building, California bakery and Migli­vacca warehouse in Napa, besides which he has erected structures through­out Napa and Solano counties, in fact his services have also been employed on numerous structures in different parts of northern California.

While still a resident of St. Louis. Mo., Mr. Vienop was united in mar­riage in that city with Miss Ricka Schiffmann. who was born there. Four sons have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Vienop : George, William, Walter and Albert. The family attends the Lutheran Church and politically Mr. Vienop is a Republican.  - Written in 1911-12

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