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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

O'Brien Update

When it rains, it pours......And it did literally pour around here a number of weeks back giving me a chance to follow-up on some much needed leads from probably last winter during a rain storm.  Now, my mother's side of the family has struck again.   I had an O'Brien descendant post to my blog back in January and offer up some very much needed information.

Katherine O'Brien is my great aunt and her sister Bridget is my great grandmother. We have recently found Bridget's grave and erected a remembrance tombstone. Would you be interested in contacting me? We may be able to help one another with sharing of information with regard to the O'Brien geneaology. We have compiled and printed a small remembrance brochure about the O'Briens and their descendants who settled in New Zealand. I would willingly send you a copy by post if you are interested. Bridget's parents, Edmund O'Brien and Anne Gleeson died in their adopted country Australia and are buried at the Kyneton cemetery, Melbourne, Victoria. Kind regards...........

This is exactly what I've been waiting for.  I almost can't believe it after all of these months of researching and then just putting my O'Brien line on permanent hold, I found someone who probably knows Kate's family line.  Now, I must go through and read every single one of Kate's letters.  Maybe, just maybe, I can glean a little more information about her from them.

Oh....But it does not end there..............I completely forgot about some other information that I wanted to follow-up on. 

The following was posted to 30 Jan 2011:

Like you I am chasing O'Brien family & found your message on this Ancestry board.
We are not connected but to wait out the incoming cyclone I decided to go fish for your evasive family. I live in Australia so am used to and have a few resources to hand here at home as well as local society I volunteer with.
On using Australian Death Index I found Catherine’s little sister Elizabeth. I searched with surname, no Christian name and father’s name and then double checked by using just mother’s name and only Elizabeth came up as child.
• Elizabeth O’Brien was born and died aged 10mths in 1856 in Victoria.
• Parents Edmond O’Brien & Ann Glesson.
• Death Reg No. 3416. Confirmed using Digger Index for Victoria Pioneers CD.
•Ann O’Brien died aged 73 in 1870 in Melbourne, Victoria. Reg.9600. Her parents noted as Cornel Gleeson & Margaret O’Driscoll.
•Birthplace listed as Clare.
•Possible hospitalisation of Edmond found in Database: “Patients in Melbourne Hospital 1856-1905” (Gen. Soc. Of Victoria)
Edmund O'BRIEN, 74yrs, married, admitted following being pushed out of public house and falling. Admitted 14 Apr 1872 - 15 Apr 1872 then he discharged himself. Birth place noted as Clare and having been 18yrs in Victoria.
*Original source: Melbourne Hospital Book Number: 283 Page number: 130
*Location of book at the Public Record Office Victoria: VPRS 12477/P1/34
1. By agreement between the GSV and the Royal Melbourne Hospital we do not publish the disease for which the patient was admitted. For this information and any other details of the patient the original ward book must be viewed at the Public Record Office Victoria.
2. The information in the Ward Books for each patient varies. Sometimes it consists of little more than name, disease and dates - sometimes more details and comments of the patient's history.
3. See the Background Notes for a description of the Ward Books' contents. Copyright: The Genealogical Society of Victoria Inc. 2009.
This may not be your Edmond I know but it fits with age of wife Ann if they were about same age as each other as well as birthplace.
Notes section is cut and pasted from software in order that I didn’t transcribe ambiguously.
The Victorian certificates are available for purchase and download immediately: or if you prefer to search first then order it will cost you only a dollar or two more starting here:

Sorry forgot in last reply to let you know - if the folk I found are yours then you are going to have to sit back and wait or apply to Clare society for the online BDM site for Ireland has not yet done Clare.
The map shows red for not done, orange for in progress and green for completed. Sorry but your Clare is totally red.
The only chance you might have is that borders changed putting your folk in Limerick or Tipperary not Clare. Both these counties are done but I suspect you might need to wait.

So, I'm not exactly looking for Kate Flanagan (Catherine Mary O'Brien), I found her, but I am looking for her family roots.  My quest continues as I "wait awhile".

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