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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Flanagan Ranch House - Carneros, Napa

In February, my family and I were driving from the Sacramento area to Rohnert Park, California.  I mapped out the best way to travel and found that by going through Napa and avoiding Marin County was the best way to go.  So, from I-80 to Hwy 12 (Jameson Canyon) to Hwy 29 to Hwy 121/12 and onto Hwy 101, we went.

Now, I have traveled the first portion of this trip thousands of times.  I barely even gave it a thought as we approached the intersection of HWY 29 and HWY 121/12 (The Carneros Highway).  After we turned left onto the Carneros Highway, I really was not paying attention to all of the scenery.  Maybe my children were dosing in the backseat and I was in the front passenger seat daydreaming.

The next thing you know, my husband says "You can really see the Flanagan house today.  I think that they thinned out the trees.   And look at that new building!"  I turned just in time to see the large warehouse metal building with garage door located behind the Flanagan Ranch House.  The house sits up on a knoll.  I could also see the house as plain as day from the highway.

As I cocked my head back over my left shoulder to look out the window of the car to get a good view of the property, I recalled how dense the trees used to be surrounding the house.  The trees do look thinned out now and its not just because it is wintertime.

I think that the most striking change is the large metal building which probably houses farm and vineyard equipment.  I could also see some of the older buildings on the premises.

Just as fast as we came up on the property on the highway, we had completely passed it by.  Since we were on our way to a party, we did not stop.  Neither did we come home via this route as we had headed to Marin County after our quick trip to Rohnert Park.

I wonder what's up at the Flanagan Ranch (really ZD Winery's property now).

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