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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where in the world? - Daykin, Nebraska

Yes, some of my direct line ancestors made a few years' stop in Daykin, Nebraska while the brother dug in and made this location his home.  Specifically, John Henry Vienop 1850 had a farm and lived out the rest of his life on his own land in Eureka Township, Daykin, Jefferson County, Nebraska.  His brothers, John Henry 1862 and Enrst, along with some other family members seemed to have made a pit stop in Daykin for a few years before moving onto Napa, California.
It seems obvious to me and proven in some cases that there are Vienop's buried at the St. John's Cemetery on what looks like Route/Highway 4 (724th Road).  The cemetery is about a 1/2 mile east of the church in the town of Daykin.  That church is St. John's Lutheran Church. 

The cemetery is still there for sure.  I can see it on Google Earth.  I just can't make out the headstones.  Technology is just not quite that advanced for a home computer.  What I have been told is that my 3rd great grandmother, Anna Marie Ilsabien Gurges Vienop, is buried there.  I'd love to have a snapshot of her headstone and of any other Vienop's buried in this location.  Buried next too Anna Marie is probably John Henry Ernest Vienop (b. 20 Dec 1896, d. 9 Apr 1897, Daykin, NE).  John Henry Ernest was one of my great grandmother's baby siblings who passed away.  Other Vienop's are likely to be buried at this Cemetery too.  I would love to have photos of those headstones!

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