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Saturday, April 21, 2012

O'Brien's in Ireland to Australia, and onto California - Part 3

The discovery process always brings elation to me.  It is extra special when I go back to a document and find something new or find a new way to look at it.   That's what I did here.  I went and looked through everyone who arrived in Melbourne on the Parsee from Plymouth on 9 Jun 1854.  I kick myself for not looking for a misspelling of the O'Brien name as O'Brian but it also had not occurred to me to look for older, adult children.  Well, they were adults for the time in their late teens.

Old enough to speak for themselves?  That's what it looks like.  Maybe it's all a transcription error.  I wish that I could access the real ship's register to see their recorded names.  The following arrived on 9 Jun 1854 on the same ship as the other O'Brien's:

The years are about when they were born:

Catherin O'Brian - 1832
Mary O'Brian - 1835
Mary O'Brian - 1835
Bridget O'Brian - 1837
Thady O'Brian - 1837
John O'Brian - 1839
Bridget O'Brian - 1840
Cornelins O'Brian - 1843

Bingo!  I'm still not sure who belonged with which parents.  I think that I am definitely onto something here.  Someone recently contacted me from Australia about Edmond, Ann, and Cornelius O'Brien.  I hope that they reconnect with me as I have no way to reach them at this point except for this blog.

One final comment about this particular passenger list.  There are no other O'Brien's/O'Brian's listed except the 20 people that I found who are very much likely all related to one another.

More to come.....................

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