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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Napa! Napa! Napa! - Part 2

As simply as I can put this, I thoroughly enjoyed a day of walking in the "footprints" of my family history.  A special thanks to the professor and his wife who joined us.   That day back in June was quite marvelous and it was a good thing that I brought a Flanagan with me.  My mom joined us and pointed out a few extra tidbits plus Jack and Minnie Flanagan's home in Napa.

606 Seminary Street, Napa, CA - Pat and Kate Flanagan's house in town.
Jack and Minnie Flanagan's Home - 1579 Palmer Street (Previously Stockton Street) 
The first photo is of Patrick and Kate Flanagan's Napa home located in town.  The house appears to have been added onto in more than one location over the many years.   The county records are not exactly accurate in the year built.   The records likely reflect a date when the house was reconstructed/remodeled.  This home is much older than circa 1900 contrary to the records.

The second photo was the home of John Francis "Jack" Flanagan and Mary "Minnie" Elizabeth McLaughlin Flanagan.  My own grandfather, Richard Joseph Flanagan, was born in this house as I would imagine most of their children were.  This home is right down the street from Pat and Kate Flanagan's first home above.

This area of Napa has several historical homes nearby.  The vast majority of the neighborhood has wonderfully maintained and preserved homes.  I myself remember visiting Fuller Park right across the street from the Flanagan's first home when I was a child.

It does seem obvious to me that I have more research to do.  I'd really like to know more about these homes as part of my own family history.

As I've posted previously, we did visit the Flanagan Ranch and found the house to be under construction to restore it.  It looks wonderful and has "life" back in it.

We also attempted to venture down Michael Flanagan's footprints.  Stanly Lane is not exactly open as a public road for vehicle traffic.  The original lane is now a path for runners and bicyclists.  The City of Napa is indicated on the sign as the owner of the lane.  That is clear along with the rules that are posted with it. 

While there is a newer adjacent road that runs fairly parallel to the original road, it is gated and leads to Starmont Winery.  That winery is not open to the public and the gate pretty much says "go away".  The parent company winery, Merryvale, does say "come on in" at their St. Helena tasting room but not in Carneros.   I guess that's where they want you to be.

It does seem to be in the character of the Stanly property to continue with limited access.  I wonder if it has always been kind of that way.  Judge Stanly did have his reputation.  While it is hard for me to determine exactly where the original Stanly Ranch house and barns were located, we did make it to the bend in the lane.   At the bend, you find a house, some farm buildings and a map of the vineyards of the Stanly Ranch.  We did not venture further down the the lane after the bend.  It's quite a walk.  The following is the house we found:
1225 Stanly Lane, Napa, CA
I ran over to the barn to see if there was more to be found on the premises.  Someone occupying the house yelled out from and upstairs window that we were on private property.  My mom hollered back, "Do you know what year that house was built?"   The response was a slam of the window shut.  We proceeded to walked back onto the public path and returned back up Stanly Lane to our car.

I guess I was not completely surprised by our Stanly Lane experience.  It almost seemed expected that we would be asked to leave.  I do wonder how old that house is on the premises.  There are other buildings at the end of the lane that are contained within Starmont Winery's premises.  I wonder if that's where more Stanly Ranch buildings are located.

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