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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Patrick Flanagan - Newspaper Article - Running for Supervisor

Recently, found among the papers that my mother has about her parents, was some additional Flanagan information about Patrick Flanagan, my great great grandfather.  I must admit that I have put off sorting through my grandparents things that my mom maintains.  There are a few boxes but what treasures they hold remain to be seen.  Apparently, the treasure trove of family history is not depleted.

The following article was given to me just a few weeks ago by my mother.  It is a print off microfiche.  The date is not included but it appears to be from the Napa Register (or Napa Daily Journal) circa 1892-1894.  That's my current best estimate on the time frame.

For Supervisor

Mr. P. Flannagan is the Democratic nominee for Supervisor in the West Napa No. 1 District.  He has been a resident of Napa county for twenty-five years, and is thoroughly familiar with the needs of the county.  He has owned and cultivated his farm near Judge Stanly's place in the Carneros District for many years, and commands the confidence and respect of all who know him.  Where he is best known he is most liked.  He is honest, competent, liberal-minded and safe man, and will make a most excellent Supervisor.  He is deserving of the earnest and hearty support of the voters of the First District.  

(The above is an exact transcription with Flanagan spelled in correctly.)

A second article indicates what it cost to run for the election.  In this case, Patrick spent $60 total to run for office.  Depending on the office, people spent anywhere from $5 to $222.75 to run.

Patrick didn't win the race for supervisor. Shortly after the election, he fell ill and later passed away in 1896. 

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